Part Number Manufacturer Description Inventory
1761-NET-ENI Allen Bradley Allen Bradley 1761-NET-ENI Series D Ethernet FRN 3.22 In Stock
6ES7214-1AG40-0XB0 Siemens SIMATIC S7-1200, CPU 1214C, compact CPU, DC/DC/DC, onboard I/O: 14 DI 24 V DC; 10 DO 24 V DC; 2 AI 0 In Stock
194E-E25-1753 Allen Bradley Allen-Bradley Switch, Disconnect, Non-Fused, 25 Amp, 690 Volt AC, 3 Pole, 2 Position, Body and Shaft In Stock
800T-3TZ Allen Bradley Allen-Bradley 800T-3TZ Push Button Enclosure, Surface, 3 Holes, Type 4/13 In Stock
OMI-SS-224L Tyco Brand Tyco Relay 24V 5A 8 PIN DPDT (OMISS224L) In Stock
6709K12 McMaster Ball Bearing Carriage for 15 mm Wide Rail In Stock
6709K33 McMaster 15 mm Wide Guide Rail for Ball Bearing Carriage In Stock
1761-CBL-PM02 Allen Bradley Allen Bradley for programming cable All MicroLogix PLC communication (USB1761CBLPM02) In Stock
100-C09D10 Allen Bradley Allen-Bradley 100-C09D10 MCS-C Contactor, IEC, 9A, 110V/50Hz, 120V/60Hz In Stock
100-C30D00 Allen Bradley Allen Bradley 100-C30D00 MCS-C Contactor, IEC, 3-Poles, 30A, 110/120V Coil In Stock
GT2-H12 Keyence High-Accuracy Digital Contact Sensor GT2 series GT2-H12 Sensor Head In Stock
1762-IA8 Allen Bradley Allen-Bradley 1762-IA8 MicroLogix 8-Point 120V AC Input Module In Stock
EQN-1325-2048-62S12-78 Heidenhain Heidenhain EQN 1325 2048 62S12-78 ID:527 858-A1 In Stock
UB-10-ID16A Delta Delta I/O TERMINAL MODULE - 16 DIGITAL In Stock
UB-10-OR16B Delta Delta I/O TERMINAL MODULE - 16 POINT D In Stock
VFD4A2MS43ANSAA Delta Delta VFD-MS300, 2HP 1.5KW 480V 4.2A H In Stock
DVS-008I00 Delta Delta Industrial temp unmanaged ethern In Stock
1762-L24BXBR Allen Bradley Allen-Bradley 1762-L24BXBR Controller, 14 Inputs, 5 Relay, 5 FET Outputs 24VDC, Redundant In Stock
IF0311 IFM Inductive sensor IFK2004BAROA/SL/LS-100AK RT In Stock
5SL6210-7CC Siemens Siemens Circuit breaker In Stock
100-C09J10 Allen Bradley Allen Bradley 100-C09J10 MCS-C Contactor, IEC, 9A, 24V DC Coil, Single Pack In Stock
700-HA32Z24 Allen Bradley Allen-Bradley 700-HA32Z24 Relay, Ice Cube, 8-Pin, 2PDT, 10A, 24VDC Coil In Stock
D-C73 SMC Corporation Company SMC Electric Actuator Switch In Stock
D-A93 SMC Corporation Company SMC D-A93 auto-switch, AUTO-SWITCH ACCESSORY In Stock
100S-C30DJ14C Allen Bradley Allen-Bradley 3-Pole 100S-C Series Standard Contact In Stock
700-HN101 Allen Bradley Allen-Bradley 700-HN101 Socket, 11-Pin, Tube Base, Screw Terminal, Panel or DIN Rail Mount In Stock
BL-1301HA Keyence kEYENCE Ultra Small Digital Barcode Reader In Stock
700S-CFB620EJC Allen Bradley Allen Bradley - Safety Control Relay In Stock
440R-D23166 Allen Bradley Allen-Bradley 440R-D23166 Relay In Stock
700-HN122 Allen Bradley Allen-Bradley 700-HN122 Socket, 8-Blade In Stock
194R-S2 Allen Bradley Allen-Bradley Shaft (194RS2) In Stock
194L-G3393 Allen Bradley Allen-Bradley 194L-G3393 Shaft Extension, Metal, 110mm - 235mm, 194E-A In Stock
1492-SPMID400 Allen Bradley Allen-Bradley 1492-SPM2D160 Circuit Breaker, Miniature, 16A, 2P, Supplementary, Trip D In Stock
1492-SPM2D060 Allen Bradley Allen-Bradley 1492-SPM2D060 Circuit Breaker, Miniature, 6A, 2P, Supplementary, Trip D In Stock
1492--SPM1D300 Allen Bradley Allen-Bradley 1492-SPM1D300 Circuit Breaker, Miniature, 30A, 1P, Supplementary, Trip D In Stock
1492-SPM3C040 Allen Bradley Allen-Bradley 1492-SPM3C040 Circuit Breaker, Miniature, 4A, 3P, Supplementary, Trip C In Stock
1492-CJJ5-10 Allen Bradley Allen-Bradley 1492-CJJ5-10 Terminal Block Jumper, 10P, Gray, Screw Type Center, 1492-J3 In Stock
1492-WFB424 Allen Bradley Allen-Bradley 1492-WFB424 Terminal Block, Fuse Block, 15A, 10 - 57V AC/DC, 4mm, LED, Black In Stock
700-K40E-DJ Allen Bradley Allen-Bradley 700-K40E-DJ Relay, Control, 10A, 24VDC, 4NO Contacts In Stock
1489-M1C200 Allen Bradley Allen-Bradley 1489-M1C200 Breaker, Miniature, 20A, 1P, 277VAC, 48VDC In Stock
1489-M2C030 Allen Bradley Allen-Bradley 1489-M1C030 Breaker, Miniature, 3A, 1P, 277VAC, 48VDC In Stock
1489-M2C080 Allen Bradley Allen-Bradley 1489-M2C080 Breaker, Miniature, 8A, 2P, 480Y/277VAC, 96VDC In Stock
SGM7J-04A7D61 Yaskawa Yaskawa SGM7J-04A7D61 S7 MTR 400W 200V ABS KY TP In Stock
IM-T-9A Banner Banner Interface Module, 3NO Redundant Outputs, 24 Vdc In Stock
23D209S Anaheim Automation 23D209S - NEMA 23, Standard Torque Step Motor, 2 Stack, 4.7A, Single Shaft, 6 Lead Wires In Stock
FU-51TZ Keyence Keyence Transmissive Fiber Unit In Stock
194R-R8 Allen Bradley Allen-Bradley 194R-R8 Disconnect Switch (194RR8) In Stock

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